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Joel, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Joel started Buffer to solve a personal need and is super focused on making users happy.

Straight from Joel: Since starting Buffer in my bedroom in the UK, I've been blown away that hundreds of thousands of people find the product useful to share the great content they find. Our complete focus is on creating both a fantastic product experience and a service experience people are amazed by, so I spend a lot of my day thinking about how we can push forward in these areas. I also do whatever is necessary: whether it is hacking on the web app, learning to code Android, writing a blog post, talking with users, or doing admin tasks.

Leo, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Leo joined Joel at a crucial time where Buffer was starting to show signs of great early success.

Straight from Leo: I'm simply doing everything I can to spread the word about Buffer in an authentic way, so that we can help more people discover a smarter way to share their updates to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. I love talking to people and I enjoy handling the community naturally forming around Buffer. With regards to the product, I strive to answer lots of user emails daily to provide Carolyn, Sunil, Joel and Andy with insights from various user experiences so we can make it more intuitive for you to use Buffer.

Carolyn, Chief Happiness Officer

Carolyn helps people use Buffer by answering questions via email, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as through Buffer's email marketing.

Straight from Carolyn: I feel truly grateful anytime a customer reaches out to us because it gives us an opportunity to learn something about our product or simply talk to someone really darn cool. I love the warm-fuzzies that come from helping people use Buffer in a more awesome way. Besides Buffer coworkers and customers, the things that make me happy usually include a sport (tennis, lacrosse, frisbee, you name it) or a very hot tea with honey.

Sunil, Chief Technology Officer

Sunil is also a full-stack hacker at Buffer, who works on ops, metrics, the web, and the Android app.

Straight from Sunil: I live to build things that makes life a bit easier. Working on Buffer has been incredibly rewarding.  From making Buffer a pocket's reach away with the Android app, to ensuring the infrastructure is robust and performant, it's been a lot of fun so far. I love to hack on hardware, software and everything in between. When I'm not building things, you can probably find me playing ultimate frisbee, watching college basketball and football, or drinking dark roast coffee.

Andrew, iOS

Andy is the chief iOS guy at Buffer, working to make Buffering on the go easier for you.

Straight from Andy: I like to keep up to date with the latest iOS developments and hack at them, whether its at Buffer or on my own personal apps. At Buffer I build Buffer for iOS as well as integrations with other great apps we support for sharing to Buffer. In my spare time I hack away on Magic Bean, a iOS app I built. I also love to fuel my coffee addiction in various coffee shops.

Colin, Back-End Developer

Colin is the chief back-end guy at Buffer, ensuring that the bits you don't see run as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Straight from Colin: I love to solve problems. I'm never happier than when I can dig into a problem and find a solution to make somebody's life a little bit better. That's the great thing about software development - it's all about solving people's problems. When I'm away from my desk you'll probably find me running the streets of Cambridge or relaxing with a nice pint of beer.

Åsa, Happiness Hero

Åsa answers any questions people have about Buffer via email, Twitter, and Facebook to deliver happiness.

Straight from Åsa: It is a great feeling to be working alongside such an awesome and inspiring team whose main purpose is to deliver happiness. I love to be able to offer people that little extra bit of happiness when helping them use Buffer and I find these interactions to be the best resource to turn Buffer into an even more amazing tool. When I'm not delivering happiness for Buffer you'll find me disengaging from the online world by running on the beach or grabbing a coffee in one of Sydney's many awesome coffee shops.

Brian, Product Manager

Brian leads the design process at Buffer to make things beautiful and usable.

Straight from Brian: I've been designing for almost six years now, since I was in high school, and I've loved every minute of it. My path as a designer has taken me down several winding roads to end up here at Buffer where I have the opportunity to design for a product that reaches hundreds of thousands of people every month. When I'm not designing, you can find me going for a run or finishing out my last year of school at Baylor University!

Niel, Frontend Hacker

Niel codes the front-end at Buffer, making sure all buttons, extensions and browsers behave splendidly.

Straight from Niel: Buffer has not only helped me tremendously in sharing my content online, but also inspired me with their amazing culture. I'm grateful that I can work at a company where their values and team members spur me to become a better person. I don't see Buffer as work, but rather a lifestyle. I've been doing front-end development for a short few years grabbing every opportunity to improve. Besides coding, I love learning languages, making music and soaking in the amazing variety of life.

Mary, Happiness Hero

Mary jumps with delight when people reach out about Buffer via email, Twitter, and Live Chat and hops in to deliver happiness.

Straight from Mary: People are incredibly talented and so stinkin' understanding. This has been my biggest takeaway since joining Buffer - both the people of the world who use Buffer and the team that creates and supports it. Even through computer screens I'm blown away by every one I have the chance to interact with and I think that's a bit of what Buffer is all about. The smile on my face continues when I'm climbing mountains, guzzling coffee and picking up sea shells.

Adam, Happiness Hero

Adam relishes the opportunity to help someone with Buffer whether over email, on Twitter, or through a Live Chat.

Straight from Adam: Simply put, I enjoy people. Every interaction holds the potential for something special to occur. There is no hiding that Buffer is an amazingly powerful and useful tool. What I didn't fully realize is that Buffer is surrounded by such an amazing community of users and such an astoundingly awesome team. And, each day, I have the privilege to wake up and interact with both. It can't get any better! When away from Buffer, you would probably find me rolling around with my kids, hanging out with my lovely wife, or with my nose in a book.

Zach, Backend Hacker

Zach works on the back-end at Buffer, making sure the magic behind the curtain runs smoothly.

Straight from Zach: I love to code. There is nothing more rewarding than building something that makes someone’s life easier, and working at Buffer takes that feeling to the extreme. Add on top of that the amazing open culture, the dedication to personal improvement, an awesome team, and a killer product, and you won’t find a happier developer! When I’m not hacking on Buffer, you will likely find me working on my startup, Bistro, spending time with my wife, or neck-deep in a new creative project.

Courtney, Head of Content Marketing

Courtney wrangles the Buffer blog and Open blog, making sure they're always full of useful content for Buffer's audience.

Straight from Courtney: The Buffer blog audience is smart, friendly and always excited to learn something new. My responsibility and privilege is to make sure we're constantly providing them with the best, most complete and most useful content out there – backed up by research and data. I love helping folks learn more about social media and showing them what life is like at Buffer, as well as jumping into conversations with our community on social media and in blog comments.

Steven, Growth Hacker

Steven gazes at the analytics data and tries to improve key growth metrics at Buffer.

Straight from Steven: Working in tech startups is something I love to do so much I think I will never get bored with it. And it gets even better to work alongside an ass kicking team exactly like Buffer. Everyone here is incredibly talented and full of passion, more importantly, super fun to work with. I love to code, building things and enjoy life to the fullest. When I'm not gazing at Buffer analytics, you will find me experiment on mixing drinks, workout or chill with my friends.

Daniel, Weekend Warrior

Daniel is passionate about providing a rockin' Buffer experience

Straight from Daniel: Since joining Buffer I've experienced the most positive, friendly conversations not only with the amazing folks who rely on Buffer daily but also with the amazing team that I'm humbled to be a part of. It's so fun to be able to work every day to provide people with the best possible experience, whether it's through Live Chat, email, or Twitter. It really puts a huge smile on my face to be able to help answer questions and concerns. Outside of Buffer, I am passionate about design, meditation, reading, and watching an excessive number of TED videos and various other lectures.

You, Kicking ass at Buffer

Want to be part of building the most awesome way to share smarter on your favorite social networks?

Join the fun: We are a small and super driven team that likes to make things happen. We ship multiple times a day and need you on our side building out the product for the masses. If you enjoy being around others who are self-starters, ambitious and people who "do whatever it takes" Buffer is the right place. Right now, we are mainly looking for full stack web stack developers, iOS, Android and also awesome people helping us deliver happiness via support email and Twitter. You can view our current openings and send us a note through our jobs page.

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